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Webroot.com/safe : Enter Product Key & Email : Webroot Download

Welcome to webroot.com/safe. On this page, you’ll learn Webroot Download, installation, and activation process.

If you are on the www.webroot.com/safe page, you’re almost protected; simply enter your Webroot Product key and the email associated with Webroot login. Webroot & Geek Squad have partnered to offer you device security protection. Download Webroot SecureAnywhere from webroot.com/safe and install with the shown steps on this site. Webroot SecureAnywhere warns you about malicious activities and unsafe sites, and block threats.


You’re almost protected; only follow the simple steps shown below to install Webroot;

  • Go to webroot.com/safe site.
  • Enter the email linked to Webroot login.
  • Enter the 20 characters Keycode.
  • Click next at www.webroot.com/safe page. 
  • Follow the instructions to complete Webroot download & install. 

WEBROOT LOGIN – Create a Webroot Account & Sign In | Webroot Console

Learn how to create a Webroot account and where to proceed with Webroot login; check steps below;

  1. Open webroot.com/safe or Webroot Console site – my.webrootanywhere.com.
  2. Choose the Create Account tab (For new users) or Log in (for existing users).
  3. Fill in all the mandatory details like Keycode, email, password, security code.
  4. If you chose to go with the webroot.com/safe site, click on My Account from the page’s top.
  5. Follow Steps 2 and 3 and click Register Now, then verify the Webroot account.
  6. Try the Webroot login at webroot.com/safe and download Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Find my Webroot Keycode – Where to enter Webroot product key?

Webroot product keycode is 20 alphanumeric characters code and can be registered through webroot.com/safe site. One can get the Webroot product keycode online from Webroot or a third-party store or get a key card from any retailer.


Locate & register your Webroot key at webroot.com/safe

To find the Webroot 20 digits keycode, check the received email or see the card’s instruction side showing the code like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Once you locate the code, visit webroot.com/safe and enter the code here. You can also use Webroot installation CD for offline installation.

WEBROOT DOWNLOAD – Download Webroot SecureAnywhere Online

Use webroot.com/safe site for easier Webroot download and make sure the device is ready. Pursue the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Close all the running programs and launch the web browser (default or any other).
  2. Open www.webroot.com/safe URL and reach Webroot geek squad download.
  3. Enter the email address associated with Webroot login and type the 20-digit product code.
  4. Click “Next” on the same webroot.com/safe page. Webroot download instructions have been sent to your email inbox.
  5. Choose your Webroot SecureAnywhere product and the device you are currently using.
  6. Click on the Download option and wait for Webroot Download from the webroot.com/safe page.
  7. Follow installation instructions to start securing your devices with Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Installation Instructions

Proceed Webroot download from webroot.com/safe and install Webroot setup on different devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Check and follow the below-mentioned step by step instructions for Webroot installation;

Install Webroot on Windows –

  • If you are using the Webroot installation CD, double-click on the .exe file and follow instructions.
  • If you downloaded Webroot from webroot.com/safe or other, then double-tap on the wsainstall.exe file.
  • A control user account screen appears, hit YES, and click continue.
  • Change language, installation location (if required), and click the “Agree & Install” tab.
  • When asked, type recently purchased Keycode that you used at webroot.com/safe page.
  • Read the Webroot license terms and tap “Agree and Continue,” and follow instructions.

Install Webroot on Mac –

  • Go to www.webroot.com/safe and download Webroot for mac.
  • Open Downloads and double tap on the wsamac.dmg file.
  • Choose the language, click Next and enter the code you used at webroot.com/safe site.
  • Click “Agree & Install” and enter the mac administrator name and password.
  • Open System Preferences, choose Privacy under “Security and Privacy,” and select Full Disk Access.
  • Unlock the padlock icon, tap Application from right, and select Webroot you downloaded from webroot.com/safe site.
  • Tap open, tick on the checkbox hit Quit Now, and click Install Extension at Webroot window.
  • Once the installation with webroot.com/safe gets completed, click Finish.

For Android –

  • You can download Webroot for android from www.webroot.com/safe or follow next.
  • Open Google play store and install Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus.
  • Open the app, accept the SecureAnywhere license terms, and activate using 20-digits code.

For iOS –

  • Use webroot.com/safe to download the Webroot app or open the Apple app store.
  • Search Webroot Secure Web Browser and tap “Get” to install.
  • Open the app, activate it, and follow prompts to complete the process.

Activate or Renew Webroot SecureAnywhere if you already have a keycode

Downloaded Webroot setup from webroot.com/safe site, maynot require Keycode for activation, however, if you missed the steps, follow shown instructions to activate or renew the program;activatewebroot

  1. Open Webroot SecureAnywhere you installed from webroot.com/safe or other.
  2. Go to “My Account” and look for the “Activate a New Keycode” field.
  3. Enter the 20-digit code you used at webroot.com/safe or any recent purchase and click Activate.
  4. If required, use Webroot login and follow prompts for a complete activation.   

How to re-download or reinstall Webroot SecureAnywhere?  

In case you encounter issues with the software you installed from the webroot.com/safe site, then remove the Webroot program with Control Panel >> Programs >> SecureAnywhere >> uninstall. If you have an activate Webroot keycode, use the code at webroot.com/safe to re-download the program and reinstall the setup again. You can also use the webroot.com/redownloads site to re-download Webroot.

In case the issue is still there, use the malware tool and remove all the malicious threats from your device and try a reinstallation of Webroot SecureAnywhere.   

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